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Student Centered Class Asst Documentation

This is the App's main menu:   

iPad App Menu
SampleiPad App Menu Image
Android App Menu
Sample Android Menu Page 1 Sample Android Menu Page 2

On top of the app's main menu, there is an option to select the active class - this is the current class you are working with while using the app.

There's a "Manage Seating Chart" option that let's you do the initial seating assignments, reassign seats (drag and drop to swap seating assignments), or change the layout of the seats (drag and drop to move the seats elsewhere on the seating chart freely).  As a reminder, when customizing the seating chart layout, you "start" initially with rows and columns, but can drag to reposition the seats however you need. There is also a print seating chart option there.

Attendance Tracking, Homework Tracking, and Fire Drill Attendance all display an interactive (tappable) seating chart where you can mark the status. You can see previous days entries, and you can see multiple day summaries.

"Add New Class" option lets you name a new class, which will have its own students and seating charts.

"Class Details" lets you rename the class or edit class (not students) details.

"Delete This Class" will delete the class and all students/seating charts.

"Add Students To Class" lets you either enter one student name at a time or import from a list in a plaintext file (cannot be a formatted text file like a word document), the names should be one per line and ideally (without quotes) "Last-name, First-Name" but "First-Name Last-Name" may work as well. The names should be just names (no other info), and should be one per line. It's worth noting that google docs is capable of exporting in plaintext format, or in Windows you can create a file with notepad. Mac's text editor can be configured from the menu to be plaintext but is not by default. Just get a copy of the text list onto your device (e-mail attahcments to account the device can access, for example, and save the attachments on device), then from add students option select to import from textfile and select it.

"Edit or Remove Student(s)" lets you either change a students name (i.e. correct spelling), or delete thte student(s).

Android also has options to save the data file ("Save a copy of data file (for Backup/Transfer)", if you want to back it up, but be careful because if you "Erase all data and replace with a copy of data file (for Restore/Transfer)" you will totally replace all of your current data with what is in that backup file.

iPad Sample Seating Charts:
row column seating chart on ipad sample

Android Sample Seating Charts:


  row column seaating chart on Android sample

custom layout seating chart on ipad

custom layout seating chart on android

" Pick a Student at Random" will display the name of one student, chosen semi-randomly. It's worth noting that this will (1) not choose absent students, and (2) try not to pick any students more than other students over the course of any one day.

iPad Sample Random Student Pick:
<br>random student pick on ipad sample

Android Sample Random Student Pick:


  random student pick on Android sample

"Group Students at Random" lets you optionally select whether to include absent students, and let's you decide whether you want some number of students per group or some number of groups. It will generate the groups, they can be printed or copied (for pasting in other apps) and are saved in the app if you want to go back to them. You can also edit any group by using drag and drop of the student names to swap places in groups.


iPad Sample Groups:
<br>group student pick on ipad sample

Android Sample Groups:



  group student pick on Android sample

<br>group student list on ipad sample



  group student list on Android sample