Class Seating Chart App: Student Centered Class Asst.

A teacher can take attendance, fire drill attendance, and track whether homework was handed in by tapping on this class seating chart app, Student Centered Class Asst. The app will also randomly and evenly pick students for calling on them, and randomly generate groups of students that can be edited with drag and drop or copied into other apps.


**IOS Users, April 15, 2024 ALERT: It seemed something changed which broke new classes from working, I imagine this primarily affected new users - It's unclear to me whether this is something I changed or something that changed in IOS, but either way, a fix (or work-around) was submitted to Apple which should soon be available as a free update.         

Class Seating Chart Setup and Usage

Android Seating Chart
IOS Seating Chart

Seating charts are initially created as rows and columns, but the seats can be positioned however you would like to arrange them by dragging and dropping them to move them into position from the appropriate menu option (Reposition Seats). Seating assignments are controlled from a different menu option than the seating layout (Reassign Seats), though are similarly done with drag and drop.  On IOS, there is an option to randomize seating assignments on the seating chart. When dragging and dropping, you hold the seat until it goes into drag mode, and slide your finger to the destination and release it.  On some screens (not repositioning, for example) you can pinch with two fingers to resize the seats.  On iPad, seat positions now spread out to fill the screen space (except on repositioning seats screen).

On IOS (iPhone, iPad) there is the ability to create a "Random Seating Chart" where the seating assignments are randomized. This is on that platform only as of now, because that's where it was requested. It may come as a feature to the Android version, but hasn't as of the last website update here.

Seating Charts are used to track attendance, including fire drill attendance, and whether homework was handed in. In general, when you tap a seat in these options it toggles between color coded options like "Green" for "in", "Yellow" for "Late", "Red" for "Out", and "Purple" for "Excused" (not every screen) and the default color (beige) which represents 'unset' on some screen(s). Entries are tracked per-day. You can view previous days entries, and in some cases you can see multi-day summaries.  You can even view multi-day entries for some of these on one screen and print that.

You can view a multi-day summary of attendance and homework:

Android multi day summary
IOS Multi day summary

Random Student Picks

Random student picking does its best not to call on any students more often than other students on any given day.  When a student is selected it displays their short name (nickname, for example) and underneath that it displays the student's full name. All parts of the student names are optional, but they cannot be entirely empty or blank.

Android random student pick
IOS Random student pick

Random Group Creation

Groups are randomly assigned based on "Students per Group" or "Number of Groups". Generated groups can be hand edited by dragging student names onto the name into the position in the target group you want it in.  Groups can be copied to the pasteboard for pasting in other apps (if you wanted to e-mail yourself the groups for example), and they can also be printed if you needed a hard copy.  Previously created groups can be displayed again and edited.          

Android group selection

Android group display
IOS Group Selection

IOS Group Display

All information and settings in this class assistant app are stored on your device (unless you use the backup feature, and then copy the database file elsewhere). It does not require a working internet connection for daily usage, and there are no subscriptions or fees.

Screenshots and basic instructions